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From Hans Juergen von Lengerke <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 06:25:48 GMT
Brian <> on Apr 17, 2002:

> Here is what I have for my <IfModule mod_rewrite>
> RewriteEngine on
> RewriteRule ^/([^/]+)/(webapp.*)$ /epl/$2 [P,L]
> Rewritelog logs/rewritelog
> RewriteLogLevel 9
> I have proxy enabled (default of allow all for now) but I still get
> http://domain/abc/webapp going to http://domain/standard/webapp .  Since the
> url changes from the user side too, it breaks bookmarking by removing the
> company name handler.  I am asking the impossible here?


no, you're not asking the impossible. For the rest of this mail I am
assuming that /ebl and /standard are the same thing.

There are two possiblities why the client should see /standard/webapp.
Either you have some other configuration item in your httpd.conf which
applies before the RewriteRule, or the webapp is somehow redirecting the
client to /domain/standard. If it is the latter, have a look at the
ProxyPassReverse directive (see my earlier Mail). If ProxyPassReverse
doesn't help, have a look at the HTML that webapp sends. Maybe it uses
absolute References ala <form action=/standard/webapp>...

Now for the part that webapp needs to know the company name. Your best
bet are two rewrite rules, one for the client request and one for the
proxy request:

  # Proxy /abc/webapp to /standard/abc/webapp
  RewriteRule ^/([^/]+)/(webapp.*)$ /standard/$1/$2 [P,L]

  # Set environment variable for webapp
  RewriteRule ^/standard/([^/]+)/webapp /standard/webapp [E=FOR_COMPANY:$1,PT,L]

Now webapp should have FOR_COMPANY environment variable available.

HTH, Hans

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