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From "James Green" <>
Subject RE: IIS on Win2000
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:39:11 GMT
Well it's not quite that simple. Certainly with Windows you point and click,
get prompted for common configs, install, reboot, and bobs your uncle.
However in all our experience (a little presumptuous but hey..) there are
great number of factors involved from whether the software actually works
(and doesn't crash, etc.), starts up at all, to more annoying problems like
the terminology of the config tool being alien and having to stab in the
dark to "just make it work".

On Unix the hardest part is it knowing what is needed. Getting the webserver
installed is one problem although modern unixes have very powerful and easy
to use package management systems these days (Debian, FreeBSD, etc.) but
knowing that you need to get the webserver's user permissions right, and
then deploy a security system to give web users permission to write their
web pages to disk and the webserver to read them gives an addition thing to
think about (even though there is a much accepted standard nobody.nobody

When I set up a remote FBSD server from scratch the hard parts were learning
how to get ports going, and getting VirtualHosts to work. The rest was dead

Heh I think the hardest part for a newbie is finding out how to use vim;
once they can edit their configs they can often then download an easier
editor like nano, but they all end up spending some initial time in the
worst editor ever for a newbie :).


> From: alex dyas
> One of the big differences between a UNIX environment and Windows is the
> steep learning curve.  UNIX tends to favour flexibility and power over
> the ease of use Windows has come to be known for.  Show a novice a UNIX
> machine and tell them to get a web site up and running, and most of the
> time it will take them longer than a novice doing the same thing in a
> Windows environment.  However, I can guarentee that the person doing it
> using UNIX will have learnt a hell of a lot more at the end of the
> experience than the person using Windows.
> I'm not saying this approach suits everyone, I'm just pointing out
> something that you may want to bare in mind.  Using the quick and easy
> route does not always make sense in the long run.

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