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From "James Green" <>
Subject RE: New GUI for Apache
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 11:29:40 GMT
I wholly agree with this. Certainly storing the base configuration in XML
would be sensible, although it might take some though to ensure it was still
'greppable'. You could, for instance, have something like <directive
name="maxconnections">50</directive>, and that -would- be greppable. It may
also reduce the chances of an ambiguous syntax such as a list of values

I think the greatest advantage would be the ease in creating a config tool.
It's something 'the suits' desire in a software package, often above more
important factors such as stability...  Wonder if that's partly why IIS is
so strong in corporate environments.

Just my thoughts.


> From: alex dyas
> I'd be the last person to advocate a GUI as the only way to do it.  In
> my experience text based config is more flexible, and more powerful.  It
> also fits in with the UNIX way of doing things, (how often have I
> grepped httpd.conf).
> However I think XML goes some way to creating a middle ground.  With a
> little experience XML is not that hard to read and edit by hand, but
> it's structure also lends itself perfectly to automated parsing.  I
> wrote a 5 line Perl program yesterday that read the whole of the Tomcat
> conf file and allow me to interrogate any of the information within it.
>   This same code could be used for pretty much any other XML based
> config files.

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