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Subject "Cannot load <module> into server: ... cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 00:57:40 GMT

OS: RedHat 7.0
Upgrading from Apache 1.3.12 to 2.0.35

I've upgraded Apache and I'm running into a problem getting the server to
start.  I read the Installation guide that came with the source files,
checked the FAQ, and browsed some of the archives but I haven't figured out
the problem yet.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Here's the error I'm getting:  "Cannot load /usr/modules/
into server: /usr/modules/ cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory".  If I comment out the "LoadModule
vhost_alias_module modules/" line in httpd.conf, I just
get the same error on the next module.

When I was preparing to run ./configure, I used the config.layout method and
modified the RedHat section (the commented line is the only one that I

	#   RedHat 7.x layout
	<Layout RedHat>
	    prefix:        /usr
	    exec_prefix:   ${prefix}
	    bindir:        ${prefix}/bin
	    sbindir:       ${prefix}/sbin
	    libexecdir:    ${prefix}/lib/apache
	    mandir:        ${prefix}/man
	    sysconfdir:    /etc/httpd/conf
	#    datadir:       /var/www
	    datadir:       /www/temp
	    installbuilddir: ${datadir}/build
	    errordir:      ${datadir}/error
	    iconsdir:      ${datadir}/icons
	    htdocsdir:     ${datadir}/html
	    manualdir:     ${datadir}/manual
	    cgidir:        ${datadir}/cgi-bin
	    includedir:    ${prefix}/include/apache
	    localstatedir: /var
	    runtimedir:    ${localstatedir}/run
	    logfiledir:    ${localstatedir}/log/httpd
	    proxycachedir: ${localstatedir}/cache/httpd

Here's the ./configure command that I used:

./configure --enable-layout=RedHat \
	    --enable-mods-shared=all \
	    --enable-modules="perl php php3 php4 dav roaming" \
	    --disable-mime_magic --disable-speling --disable-digest \
	    --disable-proxy --disable-cern_meta --disable-usertrack \
	    --disable-example --disable-unique_id --disable-bandwidth \
	    --disable-put --disable-ssl

One strange thing I noticed is that the error shows the path "/usr/modules"
rather than "/usr/lib/apache", which is what the config.layout file is
providing.  I verified that the "modules" directory referred to in the conf
file is symlinked to /usr/lib/apache (and it was working before the

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

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