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From "Brett Ussher" <>
Subject Using LDAP for authentication
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2002 20:57:43 GMT
I'm using LDAP for my authentication on my Apache 1.3.22 (for Redhat Linux
7.2 server).  This was a RPM installation done during the building of the
Linux server.  I'm sure I'm using the correct DN, UID, and LDAP server to
bounce my authentication off of.  The module I'm using is found at:

When I try to logon to the site, I do get a prompt for a username/password
and I know that the information I supply is a valid LDAP account and
password, yet I get an Apache 401 error every time.  The access_log files
this statement: - ussher [11/Apr/2002:21:36:04 -0700] "GET /bin/
HTTP/1.1" 401 484

of course, I removed my IP address.

However, as I would expect, if I use a non-existing LDAP account for
authentication, the following shows up in my error_log file:

[Thu Apr 11 21:42:22 2002] [error] [client]
[mod_auth_ldap.c] - do we have anonymous access? no user found for:

So, I think the authentication is working, I just can't seem to get my
Apache to agree with that.  I did check the root document folder where the
website hosts from and to test a theory, gave the folder and all
files/folders under it access rights of 777.  So, don't think it is a
restriction based on Linux access rights (oh, and the LDAP account I'm using
has the same logon name as my Linux account).

Any ideas on where I can look at this problem?

Brett Ussher
ITS, Matrix
Maricopa Community College District
(480) 731-8691

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