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From Kim Peterson <>
Subject anyone else running apache v1.3 on a quad processor under windows 2000? Mine fails to start
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 22:02:03 GMT
There are warnings about using apache 1.3 on windows multiprocessors, so my initial reaction
is that I might be able to run apache 2.0 on it. But the exact same thing on my dual processor
works fine.

I'd like to know if there are any successful users of 1.3 running on window quad processors.
If so, that indicates that my problem is somewhere else and putting apache 2.0 on it might
not solve it. 

My particulars:
windows 2000, SP2
apache 1.3.19 , built from source under VC++
no IIS

the error is:
The system cannot find the file
 RegOpenKeyEx(key System\CurrentControlSet\...\Parameters)

but of course, going into regedt32 shows the proper key with the proper value
(it exactly matches the key in my dual, which doesn't show this message)

thanks in advance for any feedback.
Kim Peterson

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