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From Dwayne Miller <>
Subject Re: Bug in Apache 2?
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 01:15:43 GMT
Try to hold the shift key down when you click on the refresh button.

Also, try turning off Caching in IE

Octavian Rasnita wrote:

>Hi all,
>I ask again because I haven't seen any answer for my question yet.
>And other persons asked me private if I've received an answer, so there are
>more members with this problem.
>I don't know how to make Apache not to cache an HTML file.
>The situation:
>1. I make a file and I put it in /cgi-bin directory and the script
>2. I make a file named index.shtml and I use the following line for
>including the SSI:
><!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/" -->
>3. I open the file index.shtml in Internet Explorer and it shows the
>results like it should.
>The file modify itself after each run. I've tried with a counter and
>a function that shows the date and time with the same results.
>4. If I refresh the screen, or close the browser then open again that page
>with index.shtml, it keeps showing me the old cached page with the old value
>of the counter, or with the old current time.
>5. I've tried to manually modify the file because I thought that if
>I will modify it this way, it will show me the new version, but it didn't.
>6. I've tried to modify the index.shtml file, or only to open it and save to
>modify its "Modify date" and this way Apache opened the current file and not
>the cached one.
>7. I've tried some settings in an .htaccess file using the "expire" but as I
>am a beginner, I am sure those settings were not good.
>Please tell us if you have a solution for this.
>Can you use a counter in a .shtml file in Apache 2?
>I use Apache 2 for Windows, Windows 2000 Pro but I guess it is the same for
>all OS's.
>I have no problem with the same files in the same places if I load Apache
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