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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 08:30:54 GMT
jlwpc1 wrote:
> From: "Owen Boyle" <>
> > Javascript is client-sided so it works entirely in the browser
> (assuming
> > the browser has it switched on).
> Another Apache fable.
> What is Windows Script Host?
> Is there still Netscape's Sever-Side JavaScript
> ( SSJS - does Mozilla - use this)?
> What is ScriptEase?
> And other web servers.

You're obviously cruisin' for a flame-war... I'll take you up on it ;-/

You seem to disagree with the contention that JavaScript (JS) is a
client-sided language. OK - I give up. You're right, it is technically
possible to write server-sided programs (CGIs - maybe even handlers!) in
JS - or ScriptEase, ScriptHost or
ScriptNoProgrammingNecessaryJustWriteInPlainEnglish (ok - I made that
last one up).


In 99% of the cases I've come across, web engineers use JS to carry out
simple tasks like form-checking in the browser. JS is great for this and
I use it all the time. On the client-side, it is wondrous indeed that
the Common Gateway Interface allows you to generate dynamic content
using any language you like. I am sure you will find some poor souls who
write all their CGIs in JS but they will certainly be the tiny minority.
For heavy text manipulation (which is what web-serving is all about)
there is only one language which fits the bill - and I think we all know
what I'm talking about...

Thus, when a questioner comes on the list asking about using JS for a
particular application, I tend to assume he means to use it in his
web-pages so it is executed in the browser. In other words, if I hear
hoofbeats, I think "horses!", not "zebras!".

As to your "another apache fable" jibe, this has nothing to do with
apache. Apache is just a program for taking files off a disk and sending
them over the web. It doesn't care what Scripting language your pages
contain nor does it care what language you write your server-sided
programs in.


Owen Boyle.

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