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From Simon Oliver <>
Subject Re: asp + apache = true... but how?
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 13:42:43 GMT
Camilla Lumme wrote:
> Now, thanks to your help, I have Apache 2 and mod_perl installed. Then I
> used ppm to install a apache::asp package from
> .
I couldn't get Apache2 and CGI (or mod_perl) to work.  Perhpas I'll try

> Can anyone tell me what should be done when the .ppd package
> is installed?

Check you have in your Apache2/modules directory.

Make sure you have MLDBM and MLDBM::Sync installed:
ppm install MLDBM MLDBM::Sync

Then install Apache::ASP:
ppm install Apache::ASP

Ok.  Now you need to edit your httpd.conf to include mod_perl and
Apache::ASP configuration:

At the end of the long list of LoadModule directives add:
  LoadModule perl_module modules/
At the end of the long list of AddModule directives add:
  AddModule mod_perl.c

Now create a directory to hold your global files, such as session data,
caches, includes, etc, say C:\Apache\MyASP\global

Then within the <VirtualHost> or <Directoy> section for which you want to
run ASP files add something like the following:

	PerlModule Apache::ASP
	PerlSetVar Global C:/Apache/MyASP/global
	<Files ~ (\.asp)>
		SetHandler perl-script
		PerlHandler Apache::ASP
		PerlSetVar CookiePath  /	
		PerlSetVar SessionTimeout  5

You will need to edit CookiePath to reflect the virtual path of the

If you don't need application / session stuff then try this for improved

	<Files ~ (\.asp)>
		SetHandler perl-script
		PerlHandler Apache::ASP
		PerlSetVar NoState 1

Good luck.

  Simon Oliver

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