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From "Dwayne Miller" <>
Subject Re: Apache2 ,coldfusion 5.0 and windows 2k
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:10:02 GMT
I have been working on porting the coldfusion module to work with 
Apache2.0 and I have a version that seems to work well.  Of course it is 
unsupported by MacroMedia, but I plan to send it back to them once I'm 
sure I have it stable.  You are welcome to try it if you want, but I 
would not recommend it for use in a production environment.

Reply to me directly if you would like a copy (I have a copy for 
2.0.36-dev, but could build for 2.0.35 GA).

Locke, William wrote:

>Can anyone tell me how to get apache 2.0.35 to work with cold fusion 5.0 on
>a Windows 2000 server?  here is what i have done so far.
>installed cold fusion 5.0
>installed apache 2.0.35
>test apache install on localhost (works)
>Per Macromedia's site i did this
>Copy the ColdFusion module to the Apache modules directory:
>If your version of ColdFusion Server ships with the Apache Module
>(ApacheModuleColdFusion.dll), it is located in the following directory:
>	[cfusion_root]\bin
>	Copy the Apache Module to the following directory:
>	[apache_root]\modules
>Edit your httpd.conf file to include the following directives:
>In the "LoadModule" list, add the following on one line (it appears as two
>lines due to formatting in this TechNote): 
>	LoadModule coldfusion_module modules/ApacheModuleColdFusion.dll
>In the "AddModule" list, add the following: 
>	AddModule mod_coldfusion.c
>The last part addmodule to the addmodule list does not seem to work since I
>dont see a list of add modules.  Although apache does not complain with this
>line in there.
>started apache and it fails with the error
>Syntax error on line 173 of C:/Program Files/Apache
>Cannot load C:/Program Files/Apache
>Group/Apache2/modules/ApacheModuleColdFusion.dll into server: The specified
>module could not be found.
>I have confirmed that the file IS there and even checked the permissions and
>they match the permissions on everything else in that directory.
>I have even tried to point it to a different directory and it can't seem to
>find it.  If anyone can clue me in on what i am doing wrong please let me
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