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From Jack Nerad <>
Subject Re: Bug in Apache 2?
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 02:39:34 GMT
I'm not sure that is really an apache question at all. It may be a
browser or CGI scripting question.  I've tried to answer it anyway.  
Apologies in advance if it is off topic, my intent is not to offend.

On Sun, 2002-04-28 at 20:45, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
> Hi all,
> I ask again because I haven't seen any answer for my question yet.
> And other persons asked me private if I've received an answer, so there are
> more members with this problem.
> I don't know how to make Apache not to cache an HTML file.
> The situation:
> 1. I make a file and I put it in /cgi-bin directory and the script
> works.
> 2. I make a file named index.shtml and I use the following line for
> including the SSI:
> <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/" -->
> 3. I open the file index.shtml in Internet Explorer and it shows the
> results like it should.
> The file modify itself after each run. I've tried with a counter and
> a function that shows the date and time with the same results.
> 4. If I refresh the screen, or close the browser then open again that page
> with index.shtml, it keeps showing me the old cached page with the old value
> of the counter, or with the old current time.

What if you first open it in IE and then in Netscape? (Doing so would
eliminate the possibility that IE is caching the page, as Dwayne Miller
first suggested).  If you don't have Netscape, you can try using telnet
to connect to the webserver port.  Usually the syntax is

telnet [port]

where [port] is replaced by the port number that the webserver is
listening to.  But you may need to consult your system documentation.
You can get the page by issuing

GET /index.shtml

At that point all the html from the page should scroll past you and
you'll be able to see if the page is being cached by IE or by Apache.

> 5. I've tried to manually modify the file because I thought that if
> I will modify it this way, it will show me the new version, but it didn't.
> 6. I've tried to modify the index.shtml file, or only to open it and save to
> modify its "Modify date" and this way Apache opened the current file and not
> the cached one.
> 7. I've tried some settings in an .htaccess file using the "expire" but as I
> am a beginner, I am sure those settings were not good.
> Please tell us if you have a solution for this.
> Can you use a counter in a .shtml file in Apache 2?
> I use Apache 2 for Windows, Windows 2000 Pro but I guess it is the same for
> all OS's.

Hmm... I tried setting up exactly what you describe and I was able to
get the setup to work.  I am using linux, apache 2, perl and mozilla.
So... I don't believe that it is the same for all OS's.

When you open index.shtml with other browsers, does it work, or no?

> I have no problem with the same files in the same places if I load Apache
> 1.33.

So if you open them with the same version of IE you are using to test
this page, the setup you describe above works with a 1.3 series version
of Apache pointing to exactly the same locations using exactly the same

> Help!
> Teddy,

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