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From "Igor Leturia" <>
Subject RE: Problem with proxy in Apache 2.0.35 and Windows 2000 Server
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:48:45 GMT

  I found the answer to my problem. I was going to send a bug report,
but before doing so I looked in the bug database, and I saw that Pascal
Barbedor had the same problem. Cliff Woolley pointed out in a comment to
his bug report that he should also load the new, and/or modules. So I did, and it

  I just wanted to send this just in case someone had the same problem.
I would also like to point out that it would be interesting to note in
the 2.0 version changes that now those modules are necessary for proxy

  Thank you,

					Igor Leturia

>  I'm having a problem with installing proxy services in Apache 2.0.35
>and Windows 2000 Server. I've got an IIS Server which I want Apache to
>hand some of the requests to. Apache is on port 82 and IIS on port 80.
>When Apache gets a request from a client for a particular directory, it
>must hand it over to IIS and return the response obtained to 
>the client.
>These are the only changes I do to the default installation httpd.conf
>  - 'Listen 82' instead of 'Listen 80'
>  - Delete the '#' in the '#LoadModule proxy_module
>modules/' line
>  - 'ServerName WWW.MYDOMAIN.COM:82' instead of 'ServerName
>  - In the proxy directives, I uncomment the lines:
>      ProxyRequests On
>      <Proxy *>
>          Order deny,allow
>          Allow from all
>      </Proxy>
>      ProxyVia On
>  - Finally, I write 'ProxyPass /somedir/
>' and 'ProxyPassReverse /somedir/
>  I'm afraid it might be a problem of this version. I had Apache 1.3.24
>before. I did the same changes to the default httpd.conf file (plus
>uncommenting the corresponding AddModule line for mod_proxy) and
>everything was fine.
>  Any ideas? Thanks in advance,
>					Igor Leturia
>  P.S.: Does anybody know why Apache.exe doesn't accept the -w 
>anymore? It was a very useful parameter for Windows users, we could
>check the syntax of httpd.conf without the DOS window being closed
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