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From "testic" <>
Subject IIS on Win2000
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2002 23:19:46 GMT
Hi Guys,

First of all, I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly as I've never posted
to one of these things before. :)

Just a few thoughts on Apache and websites in general:

I've seen a handful of questions regarding the use of IIS or other
webservers running in a Windows environment. Firstly, IIS is expensive,
around £700(sterling) for a server liscence, whether or not you actually
need the Server edition to host websites I'm not sure. The isuue of sockets
has arisen, I had this problem on Win98 a while back and I discovered that
you can add a key to the registry to allow an arbitary number of open
connections (I think there is a limit of around 1024, which seems OK to me).
Another potential issue is the number of allowed pending (AKA 'SYN_sent')
connections, ie when a user has sent a SYN to the server and the server has
replied with its ACK. I know that NT only allows 8 or so of these so there
could be problems with SYN flooding there.

Also there are other Web servers available for Windows depending on how
quickly you want to set it up, for example Analog-X's 'SimpleServer'
( works, and will be up
and running in under 10 secs, but its not really an enterprise standard
piece of software.

In reply to Soheil's question(s):

> 1. Do I actually need to have an NT machine, or a Win2000 Server to setup
web server, or can I just use a Win2000 software to do this?

I would recomend that you use Win200 Professional Edition rather than NT for
any web based activities. Aside from the OS CD itself you would need IIS or
whatever server you choose.

> 2. Is it fairly simple to operate a Windows server remotely?

Yes. you can use a program like VNC or PCAnywhere to connect to the machine
and it would be exactly as if you were sat at the machine. Or you can use a
web-based frontend where you can enter a password and change settings, DNS
configuration, E-mail accounts etc.

> 3. Can anyone give me some quick pointers to get me started on this please

I shall try if youre still interested. :)

And now to whats really bugging me:

Having worked for years designing websites for various companies I landed a
job at an IT company where theyre using all PC based solutions (IIS,
WinRoute Pro etc), trouble is theyre all trial, shareware or 'dodgy'
versions and the bosses at the company are a bit worried about being
audited. Result is they need to spend £1000's on various liscences, so I
thought 'Why not use Linux, Apache and all to create a cost effective and
secure solution?'. Trouble is I (and the others) have no experience with
Linux and I'm finding setting up Apache to be rather hard work, and judging
by the amount of other mail on this mailing list I'm not the only one. So,
would it possibly be an idea to add some kind of a configuration program? Or
maybe even a frontend (to ease transition from Windows for the rest of us)??

I would be only too glad to aid in such a venture, although I must confess
that I have no programming abilities whatsoever, but I can always beta test.


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