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From "Daniel G" <>
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 18:47:21 GMT
I agree with Daniel for the most part - being somewhat of a beginner, I
have often felt abused :( Then I read the URL John suggested before. 
Besides, that made my day "No, I dont know of RTFM, beginner with all of
this... Any ideas where I can read up on it, or if you could explain
that would be great.." You have to admit, not the response you expected. 
something some people actually go by... 
> This is a user lists, and is one of the places were beginners 
> turn for help. 
> Telling someone just to RTFM is not useful for anything other than 
> creating a flamewar. Instead, provide a link to the 
> documentation and kindly 
> ask that person that next time, before posting a question, he 
> or she should 
> read the documentation first 
> Daniel 
> >  

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