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From "Darren Winter" <>
Subject (32538)Socket operation on non-socket
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:44:27 GMT

I've installed/uninstalled/reinstalled Apache 2.0.35 now about 10 times and
I've spent tons of time setting up http.conf each time.  I test the conf
file and it reports Syntax OK every time.

I've tried setting it up for all users on port 80, I've tried setting it up
for the current user only on port 8080.  Nothing works!

"C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\Apache.exe" -f "C:\Program
Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf" -d "C:\Program Files\Apache


[Tue Apr 16 08:25:44 2002] [notice] Parent: Created child process -797981
[Tue Apr 16 08:25:44 2002] [notice] Child -797981: Child process is running
[Tue Apr 16 08:25:45 2002] [crit] (32538)Socket operation on non-socket:
Parent: WSADuplicateSocket failed for socket 6653280. Check the FAQ.
[Tue Apr 16 08:25:45 2002] [crit] master_main: create child process failed.
[Tue Apr 16 08:25:45 2002] [crit] (22609)The pipe has been ended.  :
setup_inherited_listeners: Unable to read socket data from parent
[Tue Apr 16 08:25:45 2002] [notice] Parent: Forcing termination of child
process 6660700

If I install 1.3.23 everything works like a charm, but 2.0.35 will not run
at all for me.  I've tried on 3 different Windows98 SE boxes, all running
different versions of Internet Explorer (5.01 SP2, 5.50 SP1, 6.0).

I'd also like to mention that I tried two earlier versions of 2.0.x with the
same exact results, and also if you look for this error message on Google
you will see a few other people complaining about it - but the people that
responded tried making it seem like the end user did something wrong, like
trying to use a 1.x conf file on a 2.x server.  That is not the case, I
assure you!

I tried getting 2 friends up to this new version, same headache for them

I just don't get it.  Everyone raves about 2.0.x, but I haven't seen it run
once.  I'm pretty technically inclined, but after wasting 3 or 4 hours of my
time it makes me wonder if others are just bragging about how nice it is
even though they can't get it running either - at least then they can save

Any ideas?  Surely I'm not the only one having problems.

Thanks in advance!

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