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From Vicki Brown <>
Subject REQUEST_URI is empty if URL data is not encoded?
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 22:26:03 GMT
I've run into an apparent oddity between REQUEST_URI environment variable and
the data in my URLs.

I'm working with a CGI called "Web Crossing" (  They
create somewhat unusual URLs, e.g.


I can enter that into the address field of my browser and reach the desired

But for the project I am doing, we are going through a proxy.  So I need to
munge the URL that is sent so it comes to my code instead; then I extract the
part that needs to be sent to WebX and send it using Perl's LWP::Request

If I don't URL encode the WebX URL, in my munged version, e.g.


the REQUEST_URI and QUERY_STRING variables come to my code empty.
ENV{PATH_INFO} = /a_href/cgi-bin/WebX

If I DO URL encode the WebX URL, e.g.


the REQUEST_URI and QUERY_STRING variables are set as expected
ENV{PATH_INFO} = /a_href/cgi-bin/WebX
ENV{QUERY_STRING} = 14@162.wa9RaZx1api%5E4@.ee6b280
ENV{REQUEST_URI} = ...a_href/cgi-bin/WebX?14@162.wa9RaZx1api%5E4@.ee6b280

I've found some information that tells me that sometimes "older" versions of
Apache didn't fill REQUEST_URI. We're running Apache/1.3.6 (Unix)

- Vicki

Vicki Brown     ZZZ                  Journeyman Sourceror:
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