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From "c2z4s9" <>
Subject Cronolog under Windows Frustration
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 14:20:00 GMT
To The Wise,

	I was charged with setting up a farily simple log rotation scheme.  Simple
enough, I thought to myself, and proceeded in placing a line in my
httpd.conf file very much like the following

	CustomLog "| e:\apache\bin\cronolog e:\apache\logs\%m\%d\access.log" common

pretty simple I thought.  Unless I am mistaken this format looked very much
like every other example I have seen for piping log data to a program.
Unfortunately it will not work.  It simply will not work.  I have tried
every different form that I could think of.  Because this system IS running
on windows I attempted at changing slashes but that produced no noticable
change.  Cronolog and Rotatelogs work fine independant of Apache.  I tested
each of them and found no error.  I put quotation marks in crazily as my
mind bordered sanity, I tried changing case, and putting in the extension
for the exec file.  I tried placing cronolog in the path of the system
(Win98).  I even Set up a WinNT 4.0 machine and did all of the above
experiments again!  It simply... Will Not Work.  Never in my mind did I
think that something this simple would waste so much of my time.  The worst
part about it is that with my luck it will be the simplest, dumbest, mind
numbing thing.  But I must know now... what I have been doing wrong.

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