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From "Uri Doron" <>
Subject Solaris compilation problem of Apache 2.0.32 in MPM=perchild
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 15:54:41 GMT
the compilation occurs because XPG4_2 is not defined, causing different
version of msghdr structure (sys/socket.h) to be taken:

1. ./configure --prefix=/usr/apache2.0 --with-mpm=perchild
2. make

/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.32/srclib/apr/libtool --silent --mode
2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.32/os/unix -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.3
2/httpd-2.0.32/server/mpm/perchild -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.
32/modules/http -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.32/modules/proxy -I
/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.32/include -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.
0.32/httpd-2.0.32/srclib/apr/include -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.
0.32/srclib/apr-util/include -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.32/mod
ules/dav/main -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.32/srclib/apr-util/in
clude -I/il2/users/uri/Apache_2.0.32/httpd-2.0.32/srclib/apr-util/xml/expat/
lib -prefer-non-pic -static -c perchild.c && touch perchild.lo
"perchild.c", line 813: undefined struct/union member: msg_control
"perchild.c", line 813: warning: improper pointer/integer combination: op
"perchild.c", line 814: undefined struct/union member: msg_controllen
"perchild.c", line 815: undefined struct/union member: msg_flags
"perchild.c", line 819: warning: improper pointer/integer combination: arg

Did anybody came across this problem?


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