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From "John Passaniti" <>
Subject Support For Searching Multiple User Directories
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 13:28:39 GMT
I've done my best by carefully reading the Apache documentation and trying
various things, but I just can't figure out a solution to the following
problem.  On the server I'm on, I don't have access to compile modules, so
I'm probably looking for a mod_rewrite solution.

In the document root for my site, I have some directories:


I can get to these with the obvious URLs:


I also have users on my server, each with their own directories:


I can get to these with these expected URLs:


My server has the property that no user has the same name as a directory in
the document root for my site.  So what I would like to do is flatten the
URL address space so that these work:


That is, I want to be able to remove the tilde from the URL.

I found an example that is kind of like what I want in ("Search pages in more
than one directory"), but the twist here is that I can't just append
%{REQUEST_FILENAME} to two different directory paths.  It works for the
document root, but how do I handle the user directories?  Unlike the
document root, there is the "public_html" directory between the user name
and the user's document root.  I need some way to break up the incoming URL
into a user name and the document root.  I understand regular expressions
and how to construct this:


	$1 = user name
	$2 = rest of URL

But I don't understand the appropriate RewriteCond/RewriteRule incantation
to use this.

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