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From John Moore <JohnMo...@PDSI-Software.COM>
Subject Processes in an "R" state
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 19:59:03 GMT


We are running Apache 1.3.22 on Solaris 8 (sparc) with mod_status,
mod_rewrite, mod_ssl and mod_jk.  Recently I have noticed that the number of
processes with a "R" state in server-status is growing and they linger for a
substantial period of time (usually I end up killing off the PIDs after
thousands of seconds).  The Host and VHost are both ? and the Request line
stays ..reading... What is causing these and is there a way to prevent or at
least auto-kill off the processes after some amount of time?  They appear to
be connections to the server without a request.

I did a netstat -an | grep "^" and matched up the IP's from
the list of those in the results of server-status and I don't see any IP's
that are not attached to an active("W")/passive(_)process.   Is there
anything more specific to look at?

The site has been up for about a year in this configuration and this seems
to have popped up recently.  I can't tie it to a upgrade of software either.
The number of users is much larger than a year ago but still comparitavely
trivial for Apache.  Performance on the box seems fine so I wouldn't expect
that these are requests that couldn't be processed.

John Moore

Principal Decision Systems International
625 The City Drive
Suite 190
Orange, CA 92868

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