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From Sivakatirswami <>
Subject Re: relative vs absolute URL's / CPU processing overhead
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 18:59:29 GMT
on 3/26/02 4:07 AM, Pete Nelson at wrote:

> One other suggestion, and it will help you move these pages from
> development to production, is to use a root-relative URL.  Instead of
> <img src="http://www.mywebsite/images/somegif.gif">, use  <img
> src="/images/somegif.gif">.

Good suggestion... to be honest, though we have had web sites up and running
nearly from day one the web was born, we have had zero professional
input/training... our expertise is print media and the web has been the boot
strap kid on the side... but with 200,000 visitors (not his, but unique IP's
served) a month, we have decided to "get real" and try to do things the
right way,...but, "gaps" like not realizing that

"http://www.somewebsite/images/somegif.gif"  is equivalent to:

exist in our "knowledge base" I only just learned about  "/rootrelative" a
few months ago when I started writing my own SSI statements and CGI stuff in

So, now, facing a legacy of html docs built with absolute URLs coded for
images in the same public_html directory, I am trying to train our team
(also volunteers with little professional experience) to dispense with those
kinds of links for local resources

> There is no measurable impact on the server with regard to Absolute or
> Relative URLs -
Great... that's the answer I needed.
> > Huh?  What's wrong with just a standard:
> <img src="/images/somegif.gif">
duh... nothing, just that  people who coded page a few years ago didn't know

> ???  Is this a first site design for you or your team?
Not by any means, our sites have been up since 1994-5 but one could say that
only recently have we moved to a more professional standard of site design.

> Sounds like you are not mirroring your development...> If you have multiple
developers then I would suggest an internal
> development
> host then publish the changes to the production host.

We are, but individuals used absolute URL's for local resources instead of
root relative simply because they didn't know any better.
> if you have "strong feelings" about
>> this subject then I would like to know what they are what led you to
> your conclusions.
> Well, if you must know ...
> 1)  get a Mac running MacOS X
> 2)  get BBEdit
> 3)  Sleep better knowing you're now 100% more effective.

We are already there with those tools I would add Metacard/Revolution as
number four on the list of must have software
Thanks! all is clear now.

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