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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: Not That IP Address!
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 08:19:41 GMT
Lewis Watson wrote:
> Apache gets all the ip addresses on this box except for one that is doing
> ftp for my network. So I need to add a Listen directive (right word?) for
> each virtual host....
> <VirtualHost 111.222.333.444>
> DocumentRoot /home/www/user1
> ServerAdmin
> Listen 111.222.333.444
> blah
> blah
> </VirtualHost>
> I was wishing that I would not have to do that but I guess that would be
> best.....

To be clear:
- Apache by default, listens to all active IP addresses (i.e. listed by
ifconfig -a) on port 80.
- If you want to specify IP addresses, you use "Listen" or
- As soon as you use either of these directives, apache will listen only
to specified addresses; the default behaviour is switched off.
- BindAddress allows you to listen to only one IP; you can only have one
of these directives.
- You can have many Listens, apache will listen only to IP addresses
specified by these directives.
- Therefore if you have several IP addresses and you want servers on
some but not others, you should use specify one-by-one the addresses you
want to listen to. Addresses which are not defined by a Listen will be

NB: Listen is a server-config directive - it applies to the whole server
so you shouldn't put it in a <VirtualHost> as you have done (it'll work
but you're confusing matters...). I find the best self-documenting
layout is:

> Listen 111.222.333.444
> <VirtualHost 111.222.333.444>
>   DocumentRoot /home/www/user1
>   blah
> </VirtualHost>

repeated for each VH.

NB2 There is no "UnListen" directive - i.e. you can't get the default
"listen all addresses" behaviout and then subtract one IP from it...


Owen Boyle.

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