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From Artiom Morozov <>
Subject Re: Adding / Rewriting HTTP headers on the fly
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:56:32 GMT

	While Host header is out of HTTP1.0 standard (afair), it's 
being used by browsers supporting only HTTP1.0. So far you probably 
should not care about protocol version. Even if above is not true, you 
can set one virtual host per IP. Even if previous is also not true ;-) 
- you can get rid of virtual hosts and use mod_rewrite for selecting 
proper DocumentRoot using Alias'es. 
On 2002.03.18 15:21 alex dyas wrote:
> Hi,
> We run Apache in a slightly unconventional environment, clients to 
> our servers tend not to be your standard IE, Netscape, Mozilla but TV 
> Set Top Boxes.
> We have a problem at the moment whereby the requests coming into one 
> of our servers are done with HTTP 1.0.  We are planning to change the 
> config of our web server to virtual servers (from one standalone).  
> The problem is that HTTP 1.0 as far as I know does not support the 
> "Host" header which is necessary for Apache to select the appropriate 
> virtual server.  Thus all the requests from the STBs default to the 
> first virtual server, and not necessarily the one they should be 
> destined for.
> My question is, does anyone know of a good way to add the appropriate 
> headers into the requests either before Apache gets them, or to get 
> Apache to add them itself? (mod_rewrite?).
> I'm thinking maybe Squid is an answer, but I have no experience with 
> it.

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