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From Richard <>
Subject Re: Re: Limit a user's CGI in his/her directory
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Dear Artiom Morozov

I think the CGIwrap you mentioned might solve my problem.
Actually, I've tried the suEXEC. It seems that I have to
make the user name same as the user group. e.g. if I 
create a user richard, I have to put him into a group
richard, otherwise, the perl script cann't execute.
This is not really convenient, because all my users
are in one group.

Also, you mentioned that set access rights properly. However,
most of files in FREEBSD are anyone read. Will it cause
problems if I change the access rights?

>PS: it's also possible to have CGIs from diff. users to run under diff. 
>UIDs, so you don't even have to use chrooting, just set access rights 
>properly. Again, wrapper should be used ;-)

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