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From Richard <>
Subject Limit a user's CGI in his/her directory
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I am trying to work out how to limit a user's CGI
in a directory.

I have apache 1.3.23 on my FreeBSD4.4 machine. I
created a few virtual hosts. To improve the security,
I want to limit the users's CGI only in his/her
directory, which means he/she can not open a file
out of his/her directory. I've done this in PHP
with php_admin_value open_basedir 'directory',
But I am wondering how to implement in CGI.
I saw some webhosting companies are like this,
which are using apache as well, so I am pretty
sure this is possible.

Also, is it possible disallow user to use system()
function in CGI?

Anyone who can help me will be very appreciated.

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