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From "Pelton, James" <>
Subject Access Violation
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 16:26:35 GMT
I'm running Apache 1.3.23 on NT 4 SP6a. I'm running Apache as a service.

Apache 1.3.23 has been crashing a few times a day, generating a Dr. Watson
message that there was an "access violation". Fortunately, Apache is
relaunching itself immediately, so no one has noticed a service outage.

This problem is new, and started after a particular series of events. I was
running 1.3.22. When we upgraded to 1.3.23, one of my staff members, instead
of upgrading the existing installation of Apache, installed 1.3.23 fresh
into a new directory, copied our site to this new directory, and served the
site from there. This confused our FTP server, so I backed up the important
files, uninstalled all the installations of Apache using the Windows Apache
binary installer, reinstalled Apache 1.3.23 into it's default directory, and
put all the files back. Server works fine, FTP is happy, but this is when
the "access violation" messages started to appear. I'll get about a dozen a

Any ideas? I'd even accept a tip on how to approach debugging this problem.

james pelton

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