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From Bill -OSX- Jones <>
Subject Re: Seeks wisdom
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 17:16:12 GMT
[This is becoming OT, but ...]

On Friday, March 1, 2002, various Earthlings wrote:

>> I wasn't aware of the connection limitations of RH 7.2

> I have to say, that I was not aware of the limitation either.
> How is that imposed?


Limitations are not imposed to be limiting to the normal operation 
of any given server - they are designed by well meaning, good 
intended, systems architects to help prevent some "ner'Well Do" 
from throttling your system (barring shooting one's own foot off :)

Most of my server experience comes from mid to high end Unix 
systems, multiplatform & multi-CPU, mostly if at the time I hit a 
perceived limitation, I've found that I was thinking about such in 
the wrong light.  Once I discovered the correct design path, as 
such, I found that 'coloring within the lines' was most rewarding 
and I could sleep better at night.

Shooting for new systems performance records are fine - so long as 
the contestants & judges understand what it is they are supposed to 
be evaluating during the pageant?

	Hope this helps;
  ('>    -Sx- IUDICIUM
  //\   Have Computer -
  v_/_    Will Hack...

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