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From "bdogg" <>
Subject .htaccess files
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 10:37:20 GMT
Hello,  I was wondering if anyone had encountered some of the same
problems I have been running into with .htaccess files on a window's

I have tried to search to see if this has been reported as a bug yet,
but there's so much info it's hard to search properly, maybe someone can
tell me if it hasn't been reported yet.

I was using Apache2.0.28 and had AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit Options
in my <directory> settings in httpd.conf.  Because windows freaks out
when you name a file .htaccess, I set it up as ht.access and ht.passwd.

First problem, when I edited httpd.conf so that clients could not see
ht. files, I would get an internal server error when I went to the
private dir, instead of a login box popping up.  This error would report
that I had no access to view the files.

So I turned off the hiding of ht. files and moved right along.

Here is a copy of my ht.access file:

AuthUserFile C:\WWW\private\ht.passwd
AuthName "The Secret Page"
AuthType Basic

<Limit GET POST>
require valid-user

Second problem, I would open a browser and type localhost into the URL
bar and I was taken to my AutoIndexing ServerRoot directory.  But my
private dir was not listed (Maybe a feature, I don't know.)  So I went
ahead and type http://localhost/private in the URL bar and I received my
login prompt.  After filling in the correct username and password (I did
NOT check the box to remember my password) I was taken to an IE error
page reporting either a DNS error, or no server was at the URL I
specified.  Refresh did nothing.  I pressed "back" on IE and was taken
back to my server root, where my private folder was now listed.
Clicking on it I was taken into the folder with no prompt for
authentication at all, remember, windows did not remember my password.
The only thing I could do was to close IE, and reopen it, in which case
the process would start all over again.

I reluctantly downgraded to 1.3.32 and my .htaccess files work just fine
now with no editing.

Some info about the machine:

Windows XP Professional
Apache 2.0.28
Intel Pentium 3 800
256 MB of RAM

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