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From Matt Schillinger <>
Subject rnd:// for reverse proxy
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:27:25 GMT


I have followed the guidelines set by the URL Rewriting Guide, and the
reverse proxy works for the most part, but the rnd:/path/to/file is not
randomly pulling a hostname.. it always pulls the first entry..

is this the correct assumption of how rnd works?  Included is my




#### htttpd.conf

LoadModule      proxy_module    libexec/
LoadModule      rewrite_module  libexec/

User nobody
Group nobody
ServerType           standalone
Port                 8000
MinSpareServers      16
StartServers         16
MaxSpareServers      16
MaxClients           100
MaxRequestsPerChild  100

KeepAlive            on
MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
KeepAliveTimeout     15
Timeout              400
IdentityCheck        off
HostnameLookups      off

PidFile              /usr/apache/logs/
LockFile             /usr/apache/logs/apache-rproxy.lock
ErrorLog             /usr/apache/logs/apache-rproxy.elog
CustomLog            /usr/apache/logs/apache-rproxy.dlog "%{%v/%T}t %h -> %{SERVER}e URL:

ServerRoot           /usr/apache
DocumentRoot         /tmp
CacheRoot            /tmp
RewriteLog           /dev/null
TransferLog          /dev/null
TypesConfig          /dev/null
AccessConfig         /dev/null
ResourceConfig       /dev/null

<Directory />
Options -FollowSymLinks -SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
AllowOverride None
<Location /apache-rproxy-status>
SetHandler server-status

RewriteEngine        on
RewriteLogLevel      0

RewriteMap     server  rnd:/usr/apache/conf/rproxy.conf

RewriteRule    ^/apache-rproxy-status.*  -  [L]
RewriteRule    ^(http|ftp)://.*          -  [F]

RewriteRule    ^/(.*\.(cgi|shtml))$  to://${server:dynamic}/$1  [S=1]
RewriteRule    ^/(.*)$               to://${server:static}/$1

RewriteRule    ^to://([^/]+)/(.*)    http://$1/$2   [E=SERVER:$1,P,L]

RewriteRule    .*                    -              [F]

ProxyRequests        on
NoCache              *

ProxyPassReverse  /
ProxyPassReverse  /
ProxyPassReverse  /
ProxyPassReverse  /

############ End httpd.conf

here is the rproxy.conf

#### rproxy.conf

static  pluto2|pluto3|pluto4
dynamic support|sysadmin|www

### end rproxy.conf

Thanks for the help.

Matt Schillinger

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