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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: Apache Reverse Proxy problem
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 17:57:59 GMT

> From: Nuno Cansado []

> > > I'm using apache with proxypass directive and proxypassreverse
> > > directive to publish my backend servers to Internet. For static
> > > pages(.html,etc) it works fine but when i trie to server dynamic
> > > pages(.pl,.cgi) from my backend servers doesn't work.
> >
> > "doesn't work" is not very descriptive or helpful.  Please be much
> > more specific.
> >
> > Joshua.
> > Ok I'try to explain better.
> >
> > I Have a Reverse proxy which is serving the backend server on my
> > intranet. Accessing directely to Web Server I can see and execute all.
> > Accessing trought Reverse Proxy t I can see all the avaible
> > pages(.html), but when I try to execute some script (.pl,.cgi) the
> > browser answers "can not execute from were",i.e., all scripts don't
> > work atall.
> Hmmm, well, that is a little improved.  Can you give the EXACT
> error message
> you see in the browser?  (The one you quote doesn't make
> grammatical sense,
> let alone technical.)  Can you look in the logs on both the internal and
> external machine to see what they have for the request?  Can you make sure
> that if you request directly from the internal server that things work
> correctly?
> Joshua.
> Regarding your 1st question:
> 	That's message I receive.

The message is "can not execute from where"?!?!  That makes no sense, and
doesn't resemble any message I've ever seen a browser or apache.   Please
look again.

> 2nd question:
> 	From internal server I don't have loggers.

Not a good sign.  You can't debug problems unless you have decent logs.

> 	From external server this what get:

I don't see anything wrong there.

> 3rd question:
> 	Accessing directly to internal server it works OK, and this my help,
> this internal server it was a external server in the paste, so ,
> I'm almost
> 100% sure the problem it's from the configuration of apache.

Which apache?  Are you running apache only on the proxy or on both servers?


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