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From Patrick Atlas <>
Subject Re: Virtual host, again and again
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 19:17:35 GMT
>> Hello,
>> Something wrong about my Vhost configuration.
> You're telling me...

Of course, I always need to introduce the problem...
>> The Vhost.conf:
>> <NameVirtualHost *>
> This is a Directive - it doesn't go in <>'s. It might work, but why try
> something that's not necessary and not documented?

You're right. Mistake as I wrote the text.

>> <VirtualHost *>
>> ServerName
>> DocumentRoot /home/www/html
>> </VirtualHost>
>> <VirtualHost *>
>> ServerName
>> User sympa
>> Group sympa
>> DocumentRoot /home/www/cgi-bin/script.cgi  (can I point to a script or must
>> I only write the folder name, assuming that the default name would be the
>> mailing-list script in a dedicated folder?)
> DocumentRoot takes a directory as argument. Also, it won't magically
> pick out a default file from the docroot, even if it's the only one
> there...
> Don't you have any static content in this VH at all? If not, at least
> set DocumentRoot to an empty directory - I've never tried running a VH
> with no DocRoot and can't be bothered experimenting.

Of course. I don't need the second virtualhost. And there is a first host.

> If you want to define a cgi script as the default action in your
> VirtualHost, use "DirectoryIndex".

The DirectoryIndex is set.

> In summary, something like this should do what you want:
> DocumentRoot /home/www/empty-dir
> ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /home/www/cgi-bin
> DirectoryIndex /cgi-bin/script.cgi
> Read the docs for these directives for more info...

The docs are read and read again...
Here is the problem:

I need to run a host under a sympa/sympa user/group, as the main host is
running under apache/apache user/group.

I need also a cgi-bin folder to run some scripts under the sympa/sympa

I create a single folder with the option ExecCGI.
I set the user and group as "sympa" in the VirtualHost directives.

But when I launch the I get a
FORBIDDEN page... There is no .htaccess.
Is there something wrong with the user and group attribution of the folder
or the scripts?

> Rgds,
> Owen Boyle.


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