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From "Paul Stephenson" <>
Subject VirtualHost question (working but need tweeking)
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 16:46:03 GMT
I have a helpdesk website that was developed by someone else.  They want us to log onto the
site using the following URL. and I am trying to get it to where you can just type
<>  to help the users.  Because all intranet users will
just be typing http://helpdesk <http://helpdesk/>  .  This all works as of now (kind
of), but I have my document root set to the directory one level up from the /hd directory
that is mentioned in the URL.  The problem is that all of the code references to all the files
with the hd/filename.php.  This creates a problem because if I tell apache that the document
root is set to /home/httpd/sites/ I run into the old catch 22. 
Apache will find the index.html file, but then the user gets redirected to another webpage,
but that page has referenced to hd/filename.php, so it is always looking in the wrong directory.
 The old way I fixed this was to remove all the instances of hd/ in all the html and php files.
 This is slow and cumbersome even with a good text editor.  
Is there any other way to get this working?  As of now, I just moved the index.html file into
the document root directory and redirected it properly to the hd/ folder, but unfortunately,
I am still getting some errors.
Like I said any help is appreciated.

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