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From "Paul Stephenson" <>
Subject Tries to download file
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 20:24:34 GMT
Hello all,
I just switched my apache server 1.3.22 running on RedHat 7.1 from only serving one host to
using the NameVirtualHost option.  I have done this a couple times before with no problems,
but here is my problem.
On my Linux box, I have snort running with ACID for IDS checking.  Well, before I switched
over this would happen every now and then, but I thought that I would get to the bottom of
it this time.  When I log onto my site it asks me if I want to download the acid_main.php
file that my browser should be opening.  Is there a way to remedy this situation?  It isn't
possible that this has to do with the default MIME type being set to text/html would it. 
I would appreciate any help you can offer.  
This just seems weird, b/c obviously the virtual site is working b/c it is asking me if I
want to save the first page instead of opening it.  
Thanks in advance

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