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From Nuno Cansado <>
Subject RE: Apache Reverse Proxy problem
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 18:34:42 GMT

> > > I'm using apache with proxypass directive and proxypassreverse 
> > > directive to publish my backend servers to Internet. For static
> > > pages(.html,etc) it works fine but when i trie to server dynamic
> > > pages(.pl,.cgi) from my backend servers doesn't work.
> >
> > "doesn't work" is not very descriptive or helpful.  Please be much 
> > more specific.
> >
> > Joshua.
> > Ok I'try to explain better.
> >
> > I Have a Reverse proxy which is serving the backend server on my 
> > intranet. Accessing directely to Web Server I can see and execute 
> > all. Accessing trought Reverse Proxy t I can see all the avaible 
> > pages(.html), but when I try to execute some script (.pl,.cgi) the 
> > browser answers "can not execute from were",i.e., all scripts don't 
> > work atall.
> Hmmm, well, that is a little improved.  Can you give the EXACT error 
> message you see in the browser?  (The one you quote doesn't make
> grammatical sense,
> let alone technical.)  Can you look in the logs on both the internal and
> external machine to see what they have for the request?  Can you make sure
> that if you request directly from the internal server that things work
> correctly?
> Joshua.
> Regarding your 1st question:
> 	That's message I receive.

The message is "can not execute from where"?!?!  That makes no sense, and
doesn't resemble any message I've ever seen a browser or apache.   Please
look again.

> 2nd question:
> 	From internal server I don't have loggers.

Not a good sign.  You can't debug problems unless you have decent logs.

> 	From external server this what get:

I don't see anything wrong there.

> 3rd question:
> 	Accessing directly to internal server it works OK, and this my help,

> this internal server it was a external server in the paste, so , I'm 
> almost 100% sure the problem it's from the configuration of apache.

Which apache?  Are you running apache only on the proxy or on both servers?


Only on reverse proxy, the backend server is microsoft.

Nuno Cansado

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