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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: running system commands using perl script on linux
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:33:10 GMT
amit khatri wrote:
> I have written a perl script which accepts input from a html
> page,and the job of the script is to execute what ever command is sent
> to it from the html page.
>   I have used the post method to send the date, so the scrips reads
> the input from STDIN.
> I execute the commands my placing them in the backquotes (`command`).
> eg. @ans=`ls`;
> I return the output in the form of html page to the client.
> Some of my commands are executed, but some do not.
> Commands that do not execute are
> 1> "ipchains -n -L"
> 2> "netconf"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> And also if i give an invalid command , i should get some error message
> like "command not present". But I don't get them either.

Using backticks is very nice but it only traps STDOUT. If the command
fails, the output goes to STDERR which is not trapped. To trap the whole
thing you need to re-direct STDERR into the STDOUT stream. This is a bit
shell-specific but `ls 2>&1` or `ls >&` should do it - if not check the
docs for your shell.

BTW, this is the most dangerous CGI I have ever seen. I hope nobody
types "cd /; rm -rf *" into your HTML form....


Owen Boyle.

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