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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: 500 internal server error
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:33:45 GMT
"Alex Blundell (aj)" wrote:
> Thanks fisrt the image.cgi was set to #!/usr/local/bin/perl when infact it
> should have been #!/usr/bin/perl and the was only chmod 644. .. I
> cant beleive I didnt check that :)
> Is there any reason why most scripts are #!/usr/local/bin/perl and my
> configuration is #!/usr/bin/perl ?

Traditionally, /usr/local/bin is for dodgy, third-party software that
you download off the web. /usr/bin is for tried and tested programs and
utilities that come with your OS distribution. 

Originally, perl was dodgy third-party etc... so usually was installed
in /usr/local/bin (that's still its default install path). Nowadays,
perl is tried and tested and most Unix distributors bundle a version
with their OS and so put it in /usr/bin.

I'd say your /usr/bin/perl came with your OS - nothing wrong with it,
it's probably just a bit light on modules and will be a bit out-of-date
by now.

Personally, I keep two versions - the "official OS" /usr/bin/perl which
is used by many other system tools, I leave unaltered and never add
modules etc. to it. This is usually a bit ancient (since it came with
Solaris - it's version 5.005_03). I then have an up-to-date, off-the-web
version (currently 5.6.0) which I keep in /home/perl/bin/perl. To this,
I add any modules I need or fancy and generally use this one for CGIs,
cronjobs and general programs. 


Owen Boyle.

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