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From Herb Peyerl <>
Subject minor vent.
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:13:16 GMT
I felt the need to have a little vent.  If you're not in the mood,
just disregard this post.

So lets say you're in a colo facility, sitting on the floor in
front of your webserver and you find yourself needing to upgrade
Apache.  Since you were out at the bar when your pager went off,
you only have your HP Jornada 720 running NetBSD so you only have
a teeny annoying text display.  You ssh into your webserver and
decide to get the source for Apache.  You type "ftp"
since it only makes sense, except you find you get a connection
refused.  Now, given that you're already predisposed to being
highly annoyed in the first place, this doesn't help much.

Now you have to bring up a web browser of some sort, follow a
few links and get the  URL for the source file, then quit and
use wget or lukemftp to retrieve the source file, or some other
variation of the above machinations.

Sure, I could probably build lynx on my webserver but in general,
why should I have to build a piece of software in order to 
retrieve the source to Apache when every reasonable operating 
system comes with a decent ftp client, and there are a lot of
relatively decent ftpd's that you folks could use? 

It's the Principle of Least Surprise at work here.

There. I've had my say.  I'll just go back to being an old 
stubborn fart who should have retired years ago.

(I'm going to unsub from this mailing list now, so if you feel
the need to vent back at me, please do it privately, so as
not to pollute this fine mailing list anymore than necessary).

Thanks for listening.

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