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From "Steven Pierce" <>
Subject Re: FrontPage 2002 Extensions
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 01:13:43 GMT


Why are you required to use FP in Apache??  Had you thought about going to something like
Dreamweaver or something that does not require to use the extensions??  FP will require you
use a specific set up extensions for its use.  They can (usually are) a pain in the back side
to maintain.  Also if something goes wrong it can be a nightmare to trouble shoot.  When I
working for a very large company we had users that required FP (did not have html background)
and so since the company had standardized on MS products we installed them.  If could have
a way to get around it we would have.  FP is simple to use and does so much of the work for

Again it is a pain in the backside to trouble shoot.  We also found at times things would
and there was no reason for it.  I would avoid FP Ext like the black pleague.  

Other then that yes, you can install FP extension on Apache.  

Does the list agree with me??  Or has the FP ext imporved over the years??

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On 2/5/2002 at 9:34 AM Dave Warchol wrote:

>          We are in the planning phase for migrating one of our
>environments from NT/IIS to Linux/Apache.  Among other requirements, the
>new environment needs to support ASP and FrontPage 2002.   We are looking
>at Chili!ASP.  Based on the documentation available, the following looks
>like the dependency matrix:
>Product                                          Linux                   
>―-----------                                          ―--------           
>       ―------------
>Chili!ASP                                        RH 7.0/6.2         
>FrontPage 2002 Extensions           RH 7.0/6.2         
>Will FrontPage 2002 run under a lower release of Apache?  Will Chili!ASP
>run under a later release of Apache?  Will either run under a later
>release, say 7.2, of Red Hat.  If this isn't the forum, where is the best
>place to ask these questions.
>Thanks much,
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