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From Dave Dribin <>
Subject GNU layout issues with encap
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 08:29:36 GMT

I am upgrading to Apache 1.3.23 and I've decided to try the GNU layout
as it plays much nicer with the encap package system I've got setup
for /usr/local.

First issue, in config.layout, I think the libexecdir directory for
the GNU layout should have a "+" on the end of it so it gets installed
into /usr/local/libexec/httpd.  I believe most other programs do this
to keep /usr/local/libexec pollution down.

The other issue is that the "+" doesn't work at all if you try to
encap Apache, i.e. set the prefix to /usr/local/encap/apache-1.3.23.
Basically, the configure script is trying to be too smart.  The code
in "configure" to add on the target suffix has this comment in it near
line 1131:

    #   automatically add target suffix to path when it's
    #   requested (path has a trailing plus in config.layout) and
    #   looks reasonable (i.e. when "apache" or target-name
    #   still not part of path)

So, basically this is disabling the suffix because it's installing
into a directory that already as the word "apache" in it.  Now I can
see how this could be useful in some cases, but it doesn't play well
with encap.  Once you install the encap package, the
"encap/apache-1.3.23" essentially goes away and it really looks like
its installed in /usr/local.  The end result is /usr/local/etc,
etc. are filled with Apache stuff directly, rather than in a

Given that the current behavior is useful, I can see the use of a new
option to disable this suffix check.  Should I report this and the
above issue as bugs and/or to the dev list for discussion?

BTW, I'm using the epkg encap package manager, which totally kicks


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