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From "Md. Ashraful Anam" <>
Subject php can't connect to mysql
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 19:02:27 GMT
Although it may seem it's not a problem of Apache, there's reason to believe otherwise.

Since I upgraded to WinXP pro my old scripts (all of which worked before and still work on
other machines) wont connect to MySQL. Installed the old apache, php and mysql I was using.
Everything worked but simple PHP WONT connect to mysql. I have tried editing every tiny configuration
file and setting. PHP simply wont connect and read from the DB. Neither will it give any error
that it can't connect. It will return a blank as if now row was there. Accessing from the
dos prompt works fine. So I upgraded all my installations Apache 1.3.23, PHP 4.1.1 and MySQL
3.23.47-nt. Still no change. I can't work!! And any long page keeps refreshing until I get
the error page. I could not connect to the DB using PHP in any way (all of which ofcourse
worked before and works on the hosting server)! Even phpMyAdmin won't work. I am using the
same method to connect to the DB as before: 

$db = mysql_connect($SESS_DBHOST, $SESS_DBUSER,$SESS_DBPASS) or die("Could not connect");

(with the variable defined before)

but mine won't work! I also tried only 
$db = mysql_connect(); 
and any other combination. It just won't work! 

There has been quite some discussions about this on the web (
It seems this only occurs in WinXP. The reason we think it's apache's problem is that everyone
who has tried IIS on the same machine and same configuration haven't had any problem. Anyone
has any suggestion?? I have looked through the Apache bug list and this isn't listed there
so I mailing in this list. I hope the Apache dev team will look into it.

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