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From Matthew Daubenspeck <>
Subject Re: Virtual Host Problems Pulling Hair Out
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 12:42:24 GMT

Also, looking at the httpd.conf, it seems your virtual servers are defined 
in a file:

snipped from your httpd.conf "Include conf/vhosts/Vhosts.conf"

Please post that as well...

At 09:42 AM 1/24/2002 +0100, you wrote:
> >  I have been working on this same problem for a
> > week now and cannot figure this out. I am new
> > to Linux and Apache. I normally get things
> > worked out on my own but this has me stumped.
> >
> > Problem: I have 2 domain names that I am
> > wanting to host. The problem is that when I
> > type it in my browser
> >
> >  it takes me to where it is
> > suppose to go.
> >
> > takes me to domain1 site.
> >
>Your httpd.conf is a bit too long to plough through at this time in the
>morning but I saw enough to say that it has a few errors. In particular,
>You only need one NameVirtualHost directive for the IP address which
>serves your name-based VHs.
>Re-arrange it to look more like this (assuming your NBVHs are on
>   ServerName domain1
>   DocumentRoot /path/to/domain1
>   ServerName domain2
>   DocumentRoot /path/to/domain2
>If you are assigning NBVHs to a particular IP address, don't refer to it
>outside of the VH containers (i.e. with server level directives). In
>fact, once you start to use VHs, it is usually wiser to put all sites
>inside VHs and do away with all server level DocumentRoot, ServerName
>etc. directives.
>Owen Boyle.
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