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From (Hendrik Daldrup)
Subject Re: apache starts but isnt accessible
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2002 20:00:11 GMT
k, thx...

i think this might actually be the reason, but maybe with a different 
because php is working fine with any of my modules and pages also get 

so far i simply deleted the modules which i dont need so far and all is 
workin fine now.

but nevertheless i'll try ur post on my server, to c if apache works 
after doin so...

thx a lot,


Al Andersen wrote:

>I had this same problem Friday on a machine I installed Apache 1.3.22 and PHP 
>4.1.1 on. The thing worked fine after I compiled/installed Apache. However, 
>after compiling/installing PHP, no pages would render in Apache, regardless 
>whether they were .html, .php, whatever. I finally got a clue when I used 
>Konqueror. It said the link was broken, whereas Mozilla and IE said nothing 
>at all.
>So, I commented the LoadModules/AddModules lines out of http.conf. Sure 
>enough, the pages now rendered (sans .php of course). That indicated I had 
>compiled PHP without the proper configuration parameters.
>If you're using mod_perl, your probably compiling PHP as a DSO module. If so, 
>you need make sure you have --enable-versioning, --with-apxs=path/to/apxs, 
>and --enable-track-vars stated in your configuration parameters when 
>compiling PHP. I found that bit of info down at the very bottom of the 
>INSTALL file in the PHP source directory.
>Additionally, you might have to make a change to the /apache/bin/apxs file 
>before you compile PHP. There's three flags that need to be set properly, 
>$CFG_LD_SHLIB = 'gcc';
>$CFG_LDFLAGS_SHLIB = q(-shared);
>My script is at work, so I can't provide the exact details. The above are 
>what I can remember. If you think the above might be your problem, and are 
>unable to track it down, let me know and I'll email you my compilation script 
>on Tuesday.
>I hope this helps.
>On Sunday 20 January 2002 11:09, you wrote:
>>>From: Hendrik Daldrup []
>>>httpd is in memory and runnin, but when i enter the IP in a browser no
>>>site gets loaded.
>>What are your Port and Listen directives set to in httpd.conf?  If you are
>>using a port other than 80, you will need to include it in the URL.
>>Also, you can play with netstat -an to see what ports apache is listening
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