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From CJ Kucera <>
Subject Re: Problems compiling Apache 1.3.22
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 15:21:57 GMT
Owen Boyle wrote:

> CJ Kucera wrote:
> > configuration settings), and I get the same problem.  The version of
> > sed I'm using is "GNU sed version 3.02".  Could that be the problem?
> >
> I can't offer a solution but it seems clearly to be problem with sed
> (which is vital to building the makefiles). The version seems OK -
> perhaps you could test sed with some examples commands to see if it
> works?

Ah, figured it out.  Actually, it had nothing to do with my sed.  My
box gets its network config. via DHCP, and as it turns out, when the
DHCP software pulled the information for /etc/resolv.conf, it added a
"\000" at the end of the domain, so that resolv.conf looked like this:

 > search\000
 > nameserver

(sans forwarding ">"s, of course)

In the configure script, the sed command that was puking starts out like

 > sed <Makefile.tmpl >$mkf \
 > -e "s%@PLATFORM@%$PLATFORM%g" \
 > -e "s%@PERL@%$PERL%g" \

And eventually gets to these two lines:

 > -e "s%@conf_serveradmin@%$conf_serveradmin%g" \
 > -e "s%@conf_servername@%$conf_servername%g" \

Now the vars $conf_serveradmin and $conf_servername are populated
earlier in the script from another script, "src/helpers/",
which in turn looks at /etc/resolv.conf to grab the domain name.
Then when sed starts parsing the line, this is what it was seeing
for those two lines:


So the "\000" had turned into "%d00", and the extra percent sign was
what was throwing sed off.


I'm assuming that it's actually a bug in the DHCP software (it really
shouldn't be putting that in), but as Debian's a somewhat popular
distro, this might bear repeating somewhere.

Regardless, thanks for your help!


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