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From "Alex \"Sniper\" Togstad" <>
Subject Runing Virtual Hosting behind a router.
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 23:30:03 GMT

I have 2 domains and I need them to be forwared to my IP. (

I have set up a DNS server on my box: - - - dumy IP

I have Simple DNS insalled on my comp, and I'm pretty sure I set it up correctly!

I would like to keep the domains kept private till a known launch date if you don't mind,
thus the reason for and

DocumentRoot C:/www/htdocs/ 

In "DocumentRoot" I have my personal webpage, and then I have other folders for the domains: 

domain1 root: 

domain2 root: 

I'm on a linksys router, and I have port 80, 53, and 21 forwarded to my box. My internal IP
is, and my "IP" is

I figured out everytime I put the internal IP for the primary vhost like this: "<VirtualHost>" then it would not show the index file for, but
show the index file for "". 

But when I took out the internal IP for the primary vhost then I could see the
contents by going to and "". NOTE: I should not see the
contents of thru "". 

When I go to I should see a different html file thant that one for my IP.
As you can see the root is different that the other one, but still I see the the
contents of the webpage when I'm at the url. 

At this point I'm stuck. I don't know how I should have Virtual Hosting setup. I know something
is wrong, but I can't quiet get my finger on it!

Thank you very much for your time and help!

My httpd.conf file below:

#Virtual Host info for The Outpost
    # primary vhost
    DocumentRoot c:/www/htdocs/
#Virtual Host info for domain1
    DocumentRoot c:/www/

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