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From "Ken Brooks" <>
Subject Setting up hosts & nameservers etc.
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 20:14:13 GMT
Please read before flaming.

I have setup Apache a few times as a webserver within a company or for my own amusement.
I have setup tomcat and also gotten php and mysql to work nicely.

So i'm not completely new at this.

Here is my problem, I am tired of paying my hosting company who keeps going down
and then sells to another company and loses my files, etc...

I want to set up my own host. (I have two domains to put on it)
I have a block of static ips with nice bandwidth.

My question is how do i do the nameserver stuff, and make the two (or more) domains go on
one box.

I'm not asking you to answer my questions here, just point me in the right direction of a
FAQ or
HOW-to would be nice. 


ok, proceed to flame now  ;)

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