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From "Jeff Meisenhelder" <>
Subject Re: Help !
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 03:38:20 GMT
check to see if port 80 is blocked by your isp.
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  From: y00y 
  Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2002 9:12 PM
  Subject: Help !

  Hello everyone, I just installed 1.3.22 after formatting my computer, upgrading my cpu,
etc.... anyway, I used to use 1.3.14 for a long time and it worked fine, i'm having mad trouble
today getting others to connect to my 1.3.22 server running.

  OK First off, I CAN hit that site and it registers my connect attempts in the log, I can
view the files, htmls and all, but everytime I send a URL to a friend to try to connect, they
cannot and their attempts DO NOT even register in the logs.

  I've tried over and over to change the different DENY and ALLOW things in the config file
but nothing worked. Someone please help me out....

  I guess i'm missing something and theres a simple solution to this, but i'm no expert of
apache, I only use this to host a few pics here and there and show others pictures I take
with my digicam, etc...


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