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From "Michael Reutter" <>
Subject Re: 2 httpds on 1 server
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 15:17:02 GMT
>  DocumentRoot /path/to/site_1
>  ServerName   webserver
>  ... other directives
>  DocumentRoot /path/to/site_2
>  ServerName   webserver
>  ... other directives

this is, how it works! (I wasn't aware of the "Listen n.n.n.n" command)
the Listen command does the thing I thought apache can't handle (so it can lookup the IP *AFTER*
processing the request)

>Congratulations, this is the weirdest set-up I've ever come across. When
>you get it working, please post your URL so I can visit your
>schizophrenic site ;->

:-) but so I can set up as many machines as I like to handle a huge load of static pages in
the future!
now I can simulate this with already setup DNS round-robin by using the above configuration!!!

... and to make the setup much more weird: behind the apaches there are MANY tomcat-servers
generating the dynamic pages (getting the requests by apache's mod_rewrite)...
... and it works great!!!

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