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From "Michael Reutter" <>
Subject Re : Re: Re : Re: 2 httpds on 1 server
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 13:12:06 GMT
>> you mean it is possible to do it the other way??? (would be great)
>> but how can apache distinguish between the requests?
>> one request goes to "webserver" and IP and the other one goes to "webserver"
and IP - IMO it would work, if the requests do not go to "webserver", but to the
IP itself (using instead of http://webserver)
>I'm a bit baffled about what you are trying to achieve. Do you one
>servername in DNS which resolves randomly to one of two IP addresses and
>each IP address leads to a different site?

correct - the name is resolved (not randomly, but in rotation) by the DNS - and the request
goes to the specific IP (to different machines in the future - but I have to simulate it now
with only ONE machine!!!)

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