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From "Paul Stephenson" <>
Subject Virtual Server Question (Actually more a is this possible type fo thing)
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2001 21:39:54 GMT
At our company we have Apache running (newest version) compiled recently.  Anyway, we want
to be able to run one apache server which will host about 7 different webpages viewed externally
assigned to  I believe that I have this part setup correctly using 
Listen due to ssl
Then I have my virtual servers listed next, this part was all working fine and dandy.
Then we added a second nick to the card and gave it an internal IP address of
  The problem is that we would like to be able to use <>
 for both the internal and external viewing but we don't want to go out the router and then
come back in (even though it would only be a small amount of traffic).
If anyone would be willing to help out, I could send a copy of my httpd.conf file and corresponding
dns entries.
Thanks in advance

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