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From "Boyce, Nick" <>
Subject OT: Browsers For Win32 (was CGI limit?)
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 20:34:08 GMT
>> It was not Apache but IE that was producing the behavior.  
>> Aparently it will only submit two requests at a time.
> This is a good reason why you should keep a few browsers - in addition
> to IE, I have Netscape and Opera. 

Just have to leap in with my own 2 cents here :

If anyone on a Win32 desktop hasn't tried out Mozilla yet, get yerself over
there pronto  ( and try out the latest "beta" build -
0.9.6 at the time of writing.  Beta it may be, but it's already far better
(IMHO) than Netscape, and far smaller than IE (9Mb download).  It's a tiny
bit sluggish, but not so's you'd notice on my 500MHz PC.  It has *never*
crashed on me (not since 0.9.3 anyway), renders pages beautifully (much more
faithfully than Netscape), and is very-well featured - check out the cookie
control for instance.

Disclaimer: Our corporate desktop browser is IE 5 (which is nice but gives
me security nightmares).  I've given up on Netscape 4.7x altogether (it just
won't render some pages properly at all), and I haven't tried Netscape 6.x.

OK - I'll shut up now :-)

Nick Boyce
EDS, Bristol, UK

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